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Shontriska Jones

Shontriska Jones is a woman of stature and vigor who walks in the miraculous and supernatural power of God. An Intercessor, Prophet and Mother, Jones is not afraid to fast and labor in love for those who desire to partner and stand in the gap to make their petitions known to God. Jones has a heart for not only children but their parents as well and seeks to provide a template to show parents how to access God for their needs as it pertains to raising their children. 


“As parents and believers in the body of Christ, it is our responsibility to pray and intercede on behalf of every area in our children lives.” Shontriska Jones is willing and ready to teach, pray and train families on how to pray fervently, strategically and with power through intercessory prayer with the tools God has already given us in the bible.


Shontriska is the author of Prayers for Our Children and How to Mother Prophetic Children. In both books she share specific strategies that God has given her on how to pray and intercede for the next generation of Kingdom Leaders. Her motto is “there isn’t a wrong way to pray but there is a strategic way to pray”.

Apostle Kimberly's dynamic speaking and training platform, Kimberly Jones Global, has allowed her to coach, preach, and teach in diverse settings, including women's conferences, business seminars, and coaching events across the globe. Her international reach extends to Africa, where she has spoken in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Recognized for her exceptional work in women's empowerment and leadership, she received the prestigious D&Ksuomi Foundation Humanitarian Award in Nigeria in 2018.

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