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Apostle Tonthallel Walters

"I one day had a vision; my vision was and is simply to pick up where Christ left off ." John 14:12.

Tonthalell Walters was born in Tacoma, WA at St. Joseph’s Hospital on November 19, 1980. She is the Daughter of Shelia M. Walters and Othello N. Jackson (father deceased) and the sibling of DeMeco, Chino, & Priscilla. Tonthalell was spiritually cultivated under the direction of her mother and also under the direction of her Spiritual Father, Bishop Curtis E. Montgomery (deceased).

At the age of 5 (1985) Tonthalell was baptized in Jesus' name at her home church, Greater Christ Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith (PAW), and at the age of 8 received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Shortly after Tonthalell’s encounter with the Lord, she began to feel a pull from God to preach the Gospel. At the age of 13, Tonthalell was called to the ministry of preaching and thereafter has continued to follow hard after God. Tonthalell was licensed as a minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. in 2001.

In 2002, Tonthalell moved to the state of Georgia to further her education. During her time of residence Tonthalell was a faithful member at Bethesda Cathedral under the leadership of Bishop Stewart Reese, Jr. Here she served as an Altar Worker, Sunday School Teacher, VBS Director, and an Assistant to the Youth President. In 2006 God transitioned Tonthalell to Global Destiny Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Weeks, Jr. Here she served as the Intercessory Director, Assistant Youth Pastor, Media Director, and Web/Media Coordinator. This is the place where God began to prepare Tonthalell for “marketplace” ministry.


In 2008 Tonthalell served as a Minister, an Administrative Adjutant, Director of the Promotions Department, and was the Christian Education Director Emeritus, and an Undershepherd to 30+ individuals. In 2010 Tonthalell received her Ordination credentials in the Lord’s Church (Bishop James Nelson, Bishop Lambert Gates, and Bishop Willard Saunders laid hands-on Tonthalell to consecrate her as an Elder in the Lord’s Church). In 2012 Tonthalell partnered with Bishop William H. Murphy where she served as an Elder, and Director over the Intercessory Prayer Team for two years. Currently, Tonthalell has been under the covering of Pastors Samuel & Ayanna Giles since 2014.

Tonthalell is the owner of The Mind Box Design & Marketing Firm, Owner and Senior Mentor & Coach of Whole 180 Mentorship and Coaching, President of Truth and Power Ministries, Inc., and Founder and visionary of Kneeology® which is held annually. Tonthalell has been responsible for training close to 1,000 intercessors in Apostolic Prophetic Intercessory tactics that yield lasting results. It is Tonthalell’s desire to see the Intercessor of today just as prosperous in their life as they are in their spirit.


“My goal in life is to present the Gospel of Yeshua around the world and see the manifestation of His Power through signs and wonders!”

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