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Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Whether you’re looking for a professional or a personal support, book one of the services offered by Choices Life Choices LLC/Jennifer's Perspectives today and experience immediate results. Serving women in business on a mission to use public speaking, workshops, retreats & groups programs to build influence, serve & massively monetize with ease. 

I'm a Transformational Life Coach for people in transition, in the second stage of Life I support them in discovering their self again, after 
divorce, empty nesters, during menopause, after menopause, midlife crisis, anxiety, fear, addiction, relationships.

Jennifer has overcome adult illiteracy at the age of 38 as along with 25 years of drug addiction, childhood trauma, 3 suicide attempts, domestic violence, emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse and she is here to empower you to assist you with the inner healing, and self-love to take you to the next level and live a life of true freedom with out guilt, shame or fear.

* I focus on Self-Love, Self-Compassion, Self-Awareness, Self-Respect, Shame- Resistance, Inner Peace and I support them in unleashing the great value and inner beauty that is within to set themselves up to thrive no matter what season of life their in.  How to get what you want by maximizing your full- potential.

* I'm a author of 3 books: My Journey To Healing, Business Success For Coaches & Counselors, Marketing Basics Led By The Spirit, Online Digital Courses, Workshops.

* My mission is to change the world via helping other people change theirs. I'm a passionate, conscious and reasonable person who believes that the fate of this world will be decided by the those who connect with their passion and purpose-- the trailblazers who step forward and choose to take life by the horns and transforming, blossoming and make a positive impact. 

* It is incredibly rewarding to witness my clients as they overcome challenges, get unstuck, gain clarity and ease, embrace their purpose, live life on their terms, succeed & thrive.

 * I draw from over a decade of experience and study in the arenas of psychology, human behavior, success/achievement, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, 
money mindset, communication, personal development, creativity, and spirituality.     

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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Choices Life Coaching LLC/Jennifer's Perspectives, an experienced coaching professional. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, Choices Life Coaching  LLC/Jennifer's Perspectives has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Discover what they can do for you today.